Return of the blog.

Today I picked some wild flowers that I nearly walked into whilst walking along the pavement, here, at home, in the UK. Sam and I returned in a unexpected hurry from our travels and I didn’t quite feel like writing about the sudden end to our honeymoon days of roaming the earth freely what with a bit of a hard reality that we’d returned to. We have a flat now in England, and we go to work, and we come home, and I run around like a crazy knitting lady trying to finish things in time for a show, and it’s all very normal and that’s odd! It’s almost as if we never left. Anyway,  I’ll write more about our travels another time. Today is a day where I feel really inspired and had to find something else to make (apart from my knitted jumpers, more on that later) and so I thought I would write about it, as the purpose of my travels, to recharge and be inspired and to find a starting point creatively for when I returned home, and all of the other travelling cliche’s is very obvious now and that is that I want to just make things, a lot, all the time and to find a way of being able to do this for my career.
It’s not often I do a crafty-makey thing that doesn’t even textiles of some kind but I got a little buzz of that! With my wild flowers, I have made a mini flower wreath and thought I would share how I did it because I always see things and want to make them, and really had no idea how easy it would be. I made this with the leftover short sprigs from the longer branches that are now sitting in a jug, in our furniture-less kitchen making me happier!

If you want to have a go yourself at a little wreath for novices you will need:

  • flowers
  • wire of some kind (I used gardening wire)
  • yarn/thread
  • twine/string
  • scissors
  1. Get some flowers, preferably don’t walk into them in the street like I did, but just buy some flowers, or if you’re a crafty pauper like me/you like wild flowers better, pick some wild ones (if they are a-plenty and you will not be ruining nature!!)I picked these ones, as the little sprigs are good for a little wreath, and you can have the longer pieces sitting in your furniture-less kitchen making you happier too, or in your furniture-full kitchen, either way!IMG_1107

    2. Lay your flowers out on a table and pick off the little sprigs for your wreath, and put the longer sprigs in a jug or vase with water. Keep a couple of the longer stems to wrap around the circumference of your wreath base (see step 4).


3. Pick up a few of your sprigs and make them into a little bunch, tie the little bunch together with some thin but strong thread or yarn. I used a tiny bit of some alpaca yarn I had left over but that’s because I’m a knitting nerd. You can literally use string if you want.




4. Make your wreath base. Get your wire (gardening or not) and cut off, or just pull from the reel, enough to make a circle the size that you want your wreath. Mine is a mini, so its about 15cm wide and tall. Twist the end of your wire onto the section of wire where your circle stops to secure it.
I didn’t cut the wire but just kept pulling more from the reel and went around my wire circle twice more, twisting the wire as I went, to strengthen it.


5. Make your wreath base look a bit nicer. I used twine for this, I cut about a metre length of twine (I got mine from ebay for a previous project) and secured this to the wire by twisting a section of the wire around the twine. Then I just twisted the twine around the wire circle by passing the twine in and looping it around the wire. I kept going until the twine completely covered the wire base. And that’s it your base is done!



6. Now for the best bit, adding the flowers. I took my long sprig and carefully wrapped this around my base and secured by twisting a length of wire around it at regular intervals. Next I took my pre-made sprig bunches and held them in the place I wanted them on my base, holding this with one hand, I grabbed a small length of wire that I had cut off previously, and wrapped this over the sprig bunch and back around the base, and then twisted the two ends together to secure. Do this as many times as you want, with as many sprigs as you want! My wreath is an asymmetric minimal wreath, but if you have a tonne of sprigs and want to go wild go for it! You can kind of stack the sprigs up next to each other to hide the wire twists.

7. You’re finished hooray! Now hang your wreath up and enjoy for a few days, remove flowers and keep the base for another time, or leave it hanging in a cool dry place and you’ll have a nice dried flowers wreath in a few weeks time. I love dried flowers. A bit too much. By the way this whole thing took me about 20 minutes, max. half an hour, I picked the flowers on my walk home from work, and the wreath itself is super quick. If you are busy like me, think about taking a short amount of time to make something pretty with your own hands and enjoy it! It does a world of good.


So there you have it. Next on my crafty to-do-for-fun list are cushions and throws, a linen apron made out of an old table cloth and a clay flower pot; but who knows when I will next release myself from knitting duty. I am exhibiting at New Designers One Year On this year with my new capsule collection of womenswear ethical knitwear, so time for crafts for fun is very short, as always it seems!


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